Perfect Matte Lip Coat
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    Everyone needs a Fanny, the silky mahogany color with a touch of purple tone is one of a kind. A perfect combination for a perfectly, uniquely you.
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    When your nude isn’t really a nude, Winna comes in rescue. Its dark caramel tone will bring enough dose of sweetness to your life.
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    Turn your lips to be as luscious and fresh as Daisy, comes in grape purple. One swap won’t be enough, find yourself wanting for more!
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    A true classic romance waiting to happen, Felice is adorned in copper penny - the color of modesty, strength and timeless elegance.
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    Just like the perfect jam to your bread, Rachel is the perfect choice for your lips. Tinted with reddish jam, spread it every morning to fuel your day with excitement. 
  • IDR 109,000 36In Stock
    Stay calm, and be a Luna. A charming yet effortless beauty on its own, its calming plum will bring you the grace and peace you’re looking for.

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