Perfect Matte Lip Coat - Dear Rachel

Just like the perfect jam to your bread, Rachel is the perfect choice for your lips. Tinted with reddish jam, spread it every morning to fuel your day with excitement.

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Paint your mood with pride! Perfect Matte offers highly pigmented coverage in the entire shades of nude to perfectly match all moods, all skin tones, all day.

Enriched with drops of argan oil to keep your lips hydrated and soft. Formulated to be long-lasting, say no more to constant touch up and worries. Two swipes is only what you need for a fuller coverage look in velvety-soft matte finish, it’s the ultimate swipe and go lipcoat.


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Overnight Renewal Water Cream Overnight Renewal Water Cream
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Pelembap ini diformulasikan dengan 2% HPR Retinoate dan Peptide Complex untuk meminimalisir kerutan dan garis halus di wajah, meredakan jerawat, serta mencerahkan noda hitam. Membantu kulit jadi lebih cerah dan terevitalisasi. Gabungan Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, dan Lactic Acid (AHA) membantu memperbaiki tekstur dan mengurangi produksi minyak berlebih pada kulit. Secara bersamaan, memberikan kelembapan untuk menjaga fungsi skin barrier.

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A golden tangerine, a companion of choice for the amiable individuals. Perhaps it's mature, sun-dried-sunny-brown appearance with a subdued tone of reddish and apricot warmth makes this shade the perfect match for daytime wear.

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  • 10% Niacinamide + Watermelon Extract can helps to brighten the skin, minimize appearance of pores, rebalance skin tone, and help to treat acne. 
  • Our Niacinamide is cosmetic grade and has less residual nicotinic acid. 
  • Extra Blue Light Technology to minimize blue light from LED lights, electronic devices that can cause premature aging. 
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Fiery red, for a fire place ablaze that remains a steady focal point, where people come for comfort in the chillness of dawn. Dear Sasha is perfect for a thrilling movie date or burying herself amongst the pages of books into a world where love, hope and passion lies.

Skin Barrier Sunscreen Gel Skin Barrier Sunscreen Gel
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Physical Sunscreen, Broad Spectrum dengan SPF 50+ PA++++ yang melindungi kulit dari paparan sinar UVA & UVB, polusi, dan radikal bebas. Tekstur gel ringan yang mudah menyerap, sehingga membuat hasil akhir matte invisible finish, zero-whitecast.
- Biotechnology Fermentation yang memberikan proteksi dari paparan blue light.
- Ceramide yang melindungi lapisan kulit dari iritan, menjaga skin barrier
- Aloe vera leaf extract sebagai antibacterial, serta mencegah timbul nya jerawat.

Unique Selling Points:
✅Water resistant
✅Fungal-acne safe
✅Non-greasy, Non-comedogenic, Hypoallergenic
✅Dermatologically Tested
✅Coral Reef Safe
*Aman digunakan ibu hamil & menyusui
*Dapat digunakan dari usia 5 tahun

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