Dear Me Beauty Single Activator Face Serum- 10% Lactobionic Acid (PHA) + Lime Extract (32ml)

  • Our 10% Lactobionic Acid (PHA)+ Lime Extract is a gentle exfoliant that is suitable for sensitive skin. 
  • Polyhydoxy (PHA) / bionic acids rectify the irritating effect of alpha hydroxy acids on skin, whilst retaining their skin rejuvenation effects.
  • Non animal derivative and synthetically made 

  • Our Lactobionic Acid is a powerful anti-oxidant, humectant, and anti-aging properties
  • It's softens the skin's surface 
  • Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 


  1. Apply 3-5 drops onto clean skin and gently pat into the skin. Can be applied daily for morning and night followed by moisturizer. Use sunscreen if used during day time. 

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  • 10% Niacinamide + Watermelon Extract can helps to brighten the skin, minimize appearance of pores, rebalance skin tone, and help to treat acne. 
  • Our Niacinamide is cosmetic grade and has less residual nicotinic acid. 
  • Extra Blue Light Technology to minimize blue light from LED lights, electronic devices that can cause premature aging. 
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Dear Me Collagen Peptide+ 

Enriched with 10 premium ingredients, countless benefits-in one package. 

All-in-one solution for your health and beauty, because you are so much more than just skin and hair. 

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