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    Sally is everyone’s little sister in a nutshell. She enjoys being a kid at heart, full of happiness and creative outburst. A fresh drop of strawberry pink that can brightens up your day.
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    Patty is for girls with guts, those who dare to be uniquely themselves. She’s a symbol of women empowerment. What boys do, she can also do it. And she’s not afraid to fight for what she believes in. Join her fight with this swap of unique blend of red, a one of a kind color as a reminder to always have courage.
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    Sweet, caring and smart, Marcie is too good to be true. Yet she keeps it real and is always ready to help her loved ones with all she has. Dark rouge is suiting for all intellectual girl boss out there, living live with kindness.
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    Lucy does not afraid to speak out her mind. Whether you love her boldness or not, you can always count on her for a much needed truth. Sweep across your lips to get that Lucy’s signature sass and class.
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    Modest with a touch of charming personality. Glazed in balmy rose taupe, it will always be a summer wonderland with Dear Alice.
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    Natural freshness on the go. Dear Irene's soft and lively light pink mauve shade will set all the seal on your youthful temptation.
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    Sugar coated and sleek as a butter. Be carefree in Dear Lily's easy-going toffee, an undeniably perfect addition to your laidback beauty routine.
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    Live in tranquility with Clara's soothing sienna shade - a color that is known as a peacemaker for your day, and for your life.
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    A lavish grace in deep red plum, Dear Verra suits your go-to luxury look that indicates the balance of nobility and element of surprise.
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    Everyone needs a Fanny, the silky mahogany color with a touch of purple tone is one of a kind. A perfect combination for a perfectly, uniquely you.
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    When your nude isn’t really a nude, Winna comes in rescue. Its dark caramel tone will bring enough dose of sweetness to your life.
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    Just like the perfect jam to your bread, Rachel is the perfect choice for your lips. Tinted with reddish jam, spread it every morning to fuel your day with excitement. 

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